Layer Cake

Graphics Framework


Michael Keller


Layer Cake is a graphics framework for Svelte that removes the boilerplate from making responsive web graphics. It gives you common elements, like a coordinate system and scales, for you to start creating your own dataviz layers, like axes, plots and annotations. Layer Cake is described as a framework and not a library because unlike Vega or HighCharts, it doesn't automatically create, for example, a scatter chart for you. It gives you the scales and the DOM element to encode chart elements from your data. The idea behind a Layer Cake chart is you can start from a basic scatter, line or bar chart template but because those chart layers live in your project, you can customize them however you want. Layer Cake is more about having a system to organize your own custom components than it is a high-level charting library. It doesn't have any built-in concepts or strong opinions about how your data should be structured.
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