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All your media player needs in one place - a modern alternative to Videojs and Plyr. Supports Html5, Hls, Dash, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more to come. Vime is an open-sourced library focused on giving users and developers the best possible media player experience on the web. We focus on normalizing cross-browser and provider differences, all powered by a reactive/eventful store, modular design, powerful plugin system and much more. Vime is built with Svelte: Enjoy great performance and a smaller bundler! If you're using Vime inside a Svelte project, we've provided a svelte key so you can compile the player yourself and share the same Svelte internals. This will reduce the overhead cost of Vime, and you get all the benefits of auto-subscriptions since all props are powered by a store.
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