Wellbeing Mapping Tool

Interactive Visualization of the NS Quality of Life Results


Engage Nova Scotia


The wellbeing map tool lets you interact with the NS Quality of Life survey results online. It was built from the ground up by researchers at Dalhousie University in partnership with team members at Engage Nova Scotia. Results of the NS Quality of Life Survey make up the dataset available through the tool. You can explore survey results for geographic areas across the province. Like any tool, it can be used with other resources and analysis so you can build what’s useful to you. The website was first built in React, but due to the heavy use of visualizations and dynamic content it was difficult to maintain the performance requirements while including new features as a single developer. The full front-end codebase was then converted to Svelte (SvelteKit with static adapter) backed by several visualization libraries (e.g. d3.js, plotlyjs and leaflet) and now the development experience is much better and a higher performance and UX is much easier to maintain. The entire back-end is written in Python, which allows for better and easier statistical/AI library integrations for research purposes.
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